Welcome to Ordinary World! A project with a lot of love and more than a year of preparation to cover even the smallest details. We want you to have the best experience in our world, that's why we offer you daily updates and a Staff that will answer any of your questions as quickly as possible. This is Ordinary World, this is Lineage II

Important dates:
02/02/24 20:00HS GMT-3
Ordinary World
Official Opening
2/20/24 20:00HS GMT-3
Official Opening

You will have a unique, different and unforgettable experience
Lineage II Ordinary World

Creation of Ordinary World

This project, with more than a year of dedication, is designed for all types of players, from those who want to craft to those who want to get the items in another way

One of our main ideas is not to be "Pay to Win". The donation currency will not be relevant when it comes to equipment, and you can get it in the game in various ways

We believe in a fair game for all players, that's why together with the Smart-Guard company we have one of the best anti-hacking protections and, also, an unmodifiable Interface, designed exclusively for the server

We know how frustrating lag is, that's why we put ourselves in the player's shoes and hired a Host used by the largest communities in the region, thus ensuring low latency

Thank you very much for choosing us!

Ordinary World

Server Specifications

Ordinary World is a low rate project, but with the convenience of bringing some custom NPCs to make the player's job easier and less tedious when playing.
We want to provide you with the greatest stability so that you can enjoy the game, that's why we are hosted in one of the best providers in Argentina, where the largest Lineage II servers in the region are located.
We have an interface made especially for our server which will not allow you to install any other, making any unsportsmanlike behavior such as automating the game impossible. We work with the Smart Guard company, which has been recognized for making anti-hacking protections for several years, which is why we ensure fair play for our entire community. We want you to enjoy Lineage II like in the old days, where you could create good memories and beautiful friendships, so we emphasize that we have been developing for more than a year to cover even the smallest details.

Клан не функция — клан это семья
Camp System

Servers nowadays tend to be dominated by a clan, so we devised a system so that the player can equip himself even when playing alone!

So we edited more than 60 camps all over the map, including the camps:

Low (Specials for 1 and 2 players)

Mid (Specials for 4 or more players)

High (Special for 9 players or more)

These will give you valuable rewards, from enchants to Raid Boss Tokens, which you can redeem for gold shards.

System of Boxes and Keys

You will have the chance for any mob to throw you a Mysterious Bag, in which you can obtain fragments of boxes and keys.

In addition, boxes and keys will drop directly in farming areas such as varka, ketra and monastery. In the special zone (Random PVP zone, they will fall more easily)

For more information, check section "info" ---> chest and keys

A little about Ordinary World

Some things you'll find in this new world

You won't have time to get bored!

We know you don't want to miss any important events.
That's why we think of you and have created a calendar so you don't feel lost.

Hour GMT-3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
17:00 - - - - - - -
18:00 - - - - - - -
19:00 - - - - - - -
20:00 Core - - - - - -
21:00 - - - - - - -
22:00 Orfen Queen Ant Zaken Frintezza Baium Antharas Valakas
23:00 - - - - Olimpiads Olimpiads Olimpiads

At the moment they will only be sample schedules, this will change after the beta

Frequent questions

It is based on the interlude chronicle, which we believe is one of the most played and that any player can enjoy without depending on the power of their computer.

The mysterious bag is a bag with a chance to obtain by killing ANY enemy (mob) within the server. This bag may contain fragments of boxes and keys, which you can improve to lvl 1 by having three fragments, and open them.

Also, in the mysterious bag you can obtain level 2 boxes, material gifts, and a yellow gift, in which you can obtain a blue gift (containing lv.12 and lv.13 crystals) and a temporary accessory "Aura Snow", which will increase your stats.

Go to the “account panel” option at the top right of the page, there you will find the option to recover your ID or change the password.

To do this, remember that you must use an email that belongs to you, since without it, you will not have any option to recover or change said information.

The way to report an error is through Discord, creating a ticket with support or through Facebook, leaving a message on the page

Grade D armor can be obtained in the GM SHOP, at the same price as in the default stores of the game. Remember that you can use this from level 20

Grade C armor and weapons will have value only adenain the shop.

We have a system for upgrading weapons and armor grade C to grade B, to facilitate obtaining these items: You can upgrade them at the Mammon in the city of Giran, you only have to give him the part of your set or weapon grade C and Ancient Adena, he will exchange it for a B grade Remember that your C grade weapon must not have SA in order to upgrade it. You can remove the SA in the Mammon

Homunkulus by Vallhalla - Samurai by Damascus
Crystal Dagger by Kris - Eminence Bow by Bow of Peril
Orcish Pole by Lance - Great Pata by Bellion Cestus
Yaksa Mace by Battle Axe - Berserker Blade by Great Sword
Duales Stormbringer by Duales Samurai
Duales Spirit*Raid by Duales Samurai
Karmian by Avadon
Theca by Blue Wolf light o Doom light
Plated by Blue Wolf light o Doom light
Full plate by Blue Wolf heavy

The runes will increase your rates by 50% more depending on which one you choose. You can have more than one distinction in your inventory, but if they are equal the rates will not stack.
Rune time will only be deducted while connected. If you are offline this time will not decrease.
These will last 24 hours and you can get them for Ordinary Coins from NPC Hera in Giran City.

- It is one of the main currencies of the server, it is used to buy various items in the store.

- With them you can get runes, which will make your server rates easier, quest objects which are very difficult to get or valuable items within the world of Lineage II.

- You can get it in several ways, either by adena, voting, participating in events or contributing to the server.

- This currency was designed so that there is no pay to win.

This event is called Lucky Angel, where you will have to find and kill an Angel that is very similar to a raid boss that will spawn in a random area that will be notified by the chat through an announcement

This event will be every six hours

It is advisable to do this event in a group of players, since it is a very powerful creature and will give a great battle. Players who manage to kill him will obtain a great reward, among them the most abundant: ordinary coins

The rebirth system is designed so that the player can continue to improve as long as he reaches the maximum level, this will cost rebirth coins, which will be obtained in special areas (random pvp) or higher areas, such as ketra, varka or mosteiro.

If you want to know more about the rebirth do click here

Both options are viable, In the classic Warsmith, you will have to get a recipe first to learn the recipe and then you will need another one to craft the item (Retail), but in this the materials to make will be 40% less than in the shop, but you also have the possibility that the creation fails

On the other hand, when you buy it in the shop you will need to get the recipe 100%, in addition to the materials, which you can buy from the NPC Adrianne or get it in other ways, in the shop the creation cannot fail, but it will also be 40% more materials

In the NPC adrianne, all the necessary clan items will be sold to be able to take it to Lvl 8 and obtain their respective skills.

Its value will be "Token: Raid Boss", these can be obtained by killing the camps throughout the map.

To find out what camps there are, do Click here

The automatic events are every two hours, these were created in order to "de-stress" the player, so that he puts aside any problem that can cause him stress, take the game very seriously, have fun, we will have many automatic events!

If you want more information about each of them Click here>

To roll Subclass, you must talk to the Priest corresponding to the sub you want to roll. Remember that you must be level 75 or higher to be able to do this.

Not necessarily, the equipment system is designed so that it can be obtained without a spoiler and without a crafter, but having a spoiler can be obtained in a faster way.

It is an event that we call “Lucky Chest”, where you will have to kill a box that will spawn in a random area that will be notified by an announcement!, which will be active every two hours, interspersed with the automatic events

- The Mammon will be of great help to you throughout your journey, with it you can:

- Skinning weapons and armor

- Upgrade weapons and armor from grade C to B

- Add SA to and remove from your weapons

- Shop with dyes, crystals and gems!

The Fang of Stakatos are tradable, they will be in the inventory and not in quest item.

These will make it easier for you to obtain the materials for the creation of certain items

Remember that to obtain them you must do the retail quest

We have three types of accessories: Low, mid and high. They give a small bonus to experience and sp, as well as a small increase in hp and cp.

We think that leaving them in their "classic" way is a bit tedious, so you can enter without being signed up to Seven Signs. You can enter with the Global Gatekeeper

The souls of the Epic Bosses are to exchange for their respective epic jewel.

These souls can be obtained either by killing the epic Raid Bosses or with Gold Fragments, which are obtained by exchanging them for Token: Raid Boss

In the NPC Adrianne, you will have all the materials for sale, without the need to create a Warsmith and learn the recipes, with their respective creation price.

You will have a chance for any mob to drop a Normal box and key shards at you.

By obtaining three key fragments, you can use them to create a Normal key, with which you can open the normal box.

In the normal box, you will have a chance to get a Rare box, in addition to its treasure, in which you will need a rare key to open it

In the rare box, you will have the chance to get an Epic box, in addition to its treasure in which you will need an epic key to open it

In the epic box, you will have the chance to get a Legendary box, in addition to its treasure in which you will need a legendary key to open it

Keys are obtained by having three of the previous level to upgrade them to the next level. Ex: 3 epic keys you can upgrade to 1 legendary key

We implemented a points system, which by killing players will increase them, and if they kill you you will lose them.
If you want more information about each of them Click here and go to the Ranking section

As you reach higher ranks, you will gain unique skills and benefits. But remember that you must maintain your rank, and if you die a lot you will go down!
Click here for more information

From the creation of your character you will already be participating in the ranking, you will start at Soldier grade 9, which is the lowest rank. adding pvps, you will increase ranks. You can see the score table in Ranking system

All ranks will have a skill unique to the rank, which will improve as the points in the ranking increase. This skill is added and removed automatically, depending on the player's points. Higher ranks will give very important increases!

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    The use of our service is for entertainment purposes only.
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