Here you can find all the changes that were made in the server update

Rebirth system
The rebirth system was causing a lot of problems and disconformities among the players, so we decided to update it based on what was said:
-Rebirth will no longer drop in level
-Now, in order to do so you will need a certain amount of Rebirth Coins.
-Skills have been adjusted to work regardless of whether you are a mage or a warrior.
-Rebirths can now be reset.

Special zone (PvP, Rebirth, Drop).
This server tries to cover all types of players, and although it is a “low” we want it to be as competitive as possible (that's why we added a unique ranking).
We prepare 7 maps which will rotate daily so that it is not monotonous, this will be the only place you will be able to get the item to make rebirth, more rate of boxes and keys, etc.
In the previous version we realized that we missed giving them a special place they want to fight for, we hope this is the one!

Keys and boxes
The drop of boxes and keys will no longer be global, because of this we have added another item which will have a % chance to drop keys or chest fragments at you.
-Added Lv.5 and Lv.6 boxes
-The drop of all boxes has been modified
-Can no longer be opened with full inventory

It is a global item which will help you on your journey, it can be obtained anywhere by killing a mob.

Rank Skills
In the previous version the ranking skills still did not work correctly, now we complement it with new functions:
-Each rank grants a different passive skill, depending on your rank the skill will have greater relevance in stats.
-Each rank has a different color name that is applied when you restart the character.
-To better understand how the ranking works, you can do it in the "info" section

In this update the epic raid bosses will be able to be fought in a more competitive way and the dates will be met.
-You can teleport at any time to the epic raid boss areas from the gatekeeper, but you must have the corresponding quest item of the raid which will be consumed
-The drop and stats of these mobs have been updated and improved.
-You can teleport to the zones as many times as you want, regardless of the life of the raid boss

In the previous version, the camps fulfilled the proposed objective but in a very simple way, that's why we made the following changes:
-Camps will have much lower enchant drop compared to the previous version of the server.
-Classes like the Destroyer will no longer be as relevant to soloing camps
-They will have more spawn time.
-Now you can get Ordinary Coins for Token:Raid Boss

In the previous version, enchants had no trade, since they were obtained in a very simple way and in large quantities.
-The only ways to get enchants will be through camps and the shop, in addition to trading.
-All enchants will be stackable.

We promised for this update to bring a wide variety of accessories that are not very relevant to game time
-Added new accessories of three levels: Low/Mid/High
-Accessories grant 2%,5%,10% rates depending on the quality of the accessory and 500 CP/HP

Runes were causing too many problems and complaints for players, so we made the following changes:
-All 24h runes have been removed
-Only the runes of 1h of adena and experience will follow, which can be obtained by voting and by Mission Coins
-We implement a "PREMIUM" system which will increase the rates of your account

The Lucky Chest event was an event that caused a lot of pleasure and fun for the players, so in addition to the Lucky chest we implemented the Lucky Angel:
-The Lucky chest will flail the target when attacked.
-The Lucky Angel will flail the target when attacked and will have a random location
-It should be killed in party as it is a very powerful creature
-Will give a considerable amount of Ordinary Coins as a reward

We want to give more in-game trading with different currencies, so we added the following currencies:
Vote Coin: can be obtained by voting, remember that the vote is global, it will be a tradeable currency.
Event Coin: can be obtained by playing events , it will be a tradeable currency.

Ordinary Coin: Will remain the largest coin important of the game.

In the previous version many people reported errors, bugs, non-compliant players, etc. We decided that people who collaborate to improve the community should be rewarded, so we created a coin for it.
Each time the staff considers you have done a good deed, they will give you an appropriate amount of this item.
-The honor coin can only be obtained by helping the server with reports, problems, bugs (indicated in greater detail on the discord) or with great help to the community itself, this has to be reported to the staff.
-The honor coin is a currency that does not have much relevance in trade but can be exchanged for some items in the shop.

Price changes were made to recipes so that recipes are also searchable 60%
-100% recipes obtained in the shop have a higher cost
-Dwarves can now learn 60% recipes and there are no bugs like in the previous version
-Changing the fang of stakatos on the npc already gives the corresponding amount

In the previous version there were some problems with returning the mob to its proper place.
-Mobs return to their respective spot after missing your target or going too far from their spawn point.
-Improved server geodata.
-Being stuck to the wall will no longer lower HP

We went beyond the classic potions found in Lineage II and designed our own that give more bonus HP and CP:
-PVP potions now work correctly

In the previous version of the server many players had problems in the gameplay of the events:
-You can target the floor correctly
-We put new commands to register to events without having to go to the city (.register .leave)
-Now the event reward will be Event Coins

-Grade C consumables, armor, weapons, and jewelry will no longer be purchased with crystals.
-All "Buffers" classes already have the Holy Impact skill
-Server community updated (Alt+b)
-Balance has been updated and will continue to be tested in beta.
-Daily quests work correctly.
-Epic raid boss quest items are now sold in the shop

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